Short Distance Towing

A vehicle can malfunction without a moment’s notice, leaving the driver in a vulnerable and unsafe situation. This can happen to even the most well-maintained vehicles, even though the chances is very slim. While these mishaps cannot be prevented, you can be prepared by having Colorado Mountain Towing phone number in your vehicle, wallet or purse. We serve many cities throughout the Colorado Mountains and are always on standby to assist in all your towing needs.

If you break down at a busy intersection, in front of your home or in a parking lot, please allow our well-trained staff help get your vehicle to a safe location, where it can be repaired. Our technicians are skilled, trained and qualified to transport any make and model vehicle to a garage or a location of your choice. We will treat your vehicle just like it is one of hours. Call Colorado Mountain Towing now for short distance towing services in Summit and Eagle County,(Georgetown “Hill” , Eisenhower Tunnel to Silverthorne , Frisco to Copper Mountain Officers Gulch ,Copper Mountain to the Vail Pass Summit ,Eisenhower Tunnel to Georgetown)and etc.