Off-Road Recovery

Need assistance or towing for an off-road vehicle? Colorado Mountain Towing offers unparalleled off-road recovery services in Colorado Mountain Area.

Off-Road Recovery Services in Summit and Eagle County , CO

Several towing companies in Summit and Eagle County offer towing and roadside assistance, but what about off-road assistance? When you take your automobile or off-roading vehicle for a drive through rough terrain, you want to be sure you won’t get stuck. Although you may have a modified vehicle for off-road use, there’s no guarantee you won’t come up against some issues.

Whether your vehicle gets stuck in the mud, in water, or if you suffer an off-road accident, our dedicated team members can help recover it. We’ll get you unstuck and transport your vehicle wherever you need to go, if it’s no longer drivable. Our professional technicians have experience recovering all types of vehicles, on-road and off, so they’ll provide efficient, friendly service no matter what situation you’re in.

What’s Included in Off-Road Recovery?

Our off-road recovery services cover most types of off-road vehicles, as well as cars and SUVs taken off-road. As soon as you call us, we’ll come directly to your location with the proper towing and recovery gear and equipment to get your vehicle unstuck as quickly as possible.

We provide several other roadside assistance services related to off-road recovery as well, including:

– Roadside assistance
– Motorcycle towing
– Local towing
– Small equipment transport
– Accident recovery

If you have questions about our wide range of towing and recovery services, feel free to give us a call!
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